Ginkgo | Lead Designer​
USC Games

A first-person atmospheric horror game where you use a magic needle to solve puzzles and escape from vengeful spirit creatures.

   Tools: Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop, Maya

   Main Contributions:​​​

  • Designing level layouts and 3D grey boxes.

  • Set dressing environments and lighting them.

  • Creating documentation for the game's mechanics.

  • Scripting game mechanics with UE4 Blueprints.

Ginkgo   |   Golden Loft   |  Little Flag Project   |   Plasticity   |   Wavebent

Designed this interior layout and utilized lights to emphasize interactable objects and puzzle elements in the scene.

Designed a system of 22 modular props to use in set dressing the level greyboxes we created.

Concepted some of the core mechanics of the game and created detailed documentation and diagrams.

Designed and set dressed this two storied, maze-like environment where the player is running from a monster.

Golden Loft | Game Designer
Halon Entertainment

An educational VR game about Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio. You explore your grandfather's attic which contains various minigames and interactable objects that each teach a lesson.

Tools:  Unity, C#, Maya, Octane, Photoshop

Main Contributions:​​

  • Designed interconnected puzzles and minigames

  • Created game design documentation and level layouts.

  • Placed interactable objects throughout levels

  • Modeled and textured 3D assets


Designed this tutorial space and created all the art. The layout guides players through the various interactable in the room.


Created interactable objects the player can pick up throughout the game. Each is accompanied by a lesson on the Golden Ratio.


Worked on the brainstorming and design for this VR interactable puzzle game.


Designed the layout of the main puzzle room. Came up with ways to fluidly lead the player between minigames.

Upcoming Game | Level Designer
Little Flag Software

If you are a recruiter, please request the password from me and click on the lock to see my level design work on this project.

   Tools: Unity

   Main Contributions:​​​

  • Designing level blockouts and enemy encounters for an upcoming game by the developer of Donut County.

  • Refining game progression by tuning rewards for completing missions and costs of unlockable content.

  • Set dressing levels with environment assets.

Plasticity | Lead Artist & Level Designer
USC Games

Plasticity is a cinematic platformer about a young girl named Noa, who explores and decides the future of her post-oil, plastic-ridden world. Players will make choices that either help or harm the environment, and see how the decisions they make shape their journey and alter the future.

Tools:  Unity, Maya, Photoshop, C#, Perforce

Main Contributions:​​

  • Led a team of 10 artists and provided art direction.

  • Designed level environments that serve the emotional goals of the game.

  • Created environment and character art.


I crafted game levels with a focus on environmental storytelling and emotional imagery. Here are some screenshots of the game. I directed the creation of all assets, composed the scenes, and lit the scenes.

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