Hi Paul, Andy and Mila,

It was a huge pleasure talking to you all on Thursday. Thanks so much for explaining the role in more detail to me and for sharing your experiences in the industry. I'm really interested in the role and hope you can take these additional materials into your consideration.

I realized most of my recent work is stylized and low poly due to the type of projects I'm involved in at school. I created this sword to demonstrate my understanding of Zbrush, Substance Painter, and PBR materials.

I also want to dive deeper into my work as a Technical Artist Intern at the San Mateo office. I believe it demonstrates how I go about creating 2D and 3D UI assets as well as how I integrate the two.

The technical side of my job, beyond writing the XML script to place and animate the assets, was finding anyway I could to optimize themes. This meant a whole lot of deleting back faces, baking lights, and using very careful composition and camera angles.

3D rendered icons to match the overall aesthetic of the theme.



With this theme, I hoped to deliver an interface that was really evocative and satisfying to use. To provide the complete experience, I created and animated all the 3D assets, created the 2D particles (except the fog), created custom icons, selected the music, and worked with a sound team to get fitting sound effects.

Thanks again for taking the time to speak to me!